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Impermax AIRLESS SPRAY   BBA ( Impermax + super accelerant)

This is a very fast curing system which has the full BBA Certification with the Highest Fire Rating in Europe ( BRoof T4 ). Using the innovative Primer GC which can be applied even on wet asbestos cement -this means that work can continue almost 12 months per year. The final Coating is applied by Airless Spray using a “cherry picker “- so that no-one is every on the fragile asbestos cement roof. All Screws and bolts have to be treated with External PU Mastic ( 3040 )

Life Expectancy 25 Years (BBA Independent testing )  Product Warranty 20 Years.

Application Method the system involves cleaning, and applying a special GC Primer which can be applied over even damp/ wet asbestos cement.

Specification –

Clean -the old Asbestos Cement Roof in accordance with all Health and Safety Regulations.

Treatment of Bolts/ Screws -apply External PU mastic ( 3040 ) to every bolt and screw on the asbestos roof and replace any loose screws/ bolts. In addition fill every crack with the External Pu Mastic ( 3040 )

Primer- apply the special GC Primer over the clean Asbestos Cement at a cover rate of 500gms per fully Seal all pinholes and irregularities. Allow to dry

Waterproofing - using the correct airless spray machine -spray 2kg per sqm of Impermax Qc Airless Spray ( Impermax with super accelerant PU )  to achieve this thickness it may take 3 x passes of the gun to get the correct Coating Thickness of 2kg per sqm. Because the super-accelerant changes the cure from a moisture cure to a chemical cure – the final colour will change (slight yellowing ) We recommend a Top Coat of Colodur which is a pigmented UV coating

UV Top Coat- after the Waterproofing has dried-  apply 200gms of pigmented Colodur ( light grey Ral 7001 )

Graco 833/933 Airless Spray -please note you require a high pressure 7000psi airless spray machine for the Waterproofing Layer only. The GC Primer does not require this high- pressure airless machine.

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