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Epoxy Resin Floors Coatings and Screeds
Self -Leveling Epoxies

Pavifloor EP Clear

Is a self-leveling, solvent free, epoxy flooring with some flexibility, and is colourless. It is less
sensitive to moisture and other environments during its application.

Applications include

Commercial areas , warehouses , Residential , Offices , Restaurants and
Parking areas.
Consumption- approx. 3kg per sqm for a thickness of 2mm.



Is a two component pigmented , self leveling epoxy coating for concrete floor protection. It can be
applied in one layer at 2-3mm thickness giving great mechanical wear properties. With its smooth
glossy finish- it can be used in dry areas where it is very easy to clean.

Applications include

Warehousing, Factories and Parking.
EP Nivel can be used as a primer for multi-layer or self- leveling systems
It is possible to add up to 50 % quartz sand ( size 0.1-0.3mm ) to the EP Nivel. This makes it very
competitive in price.

Consumption -apply 3-4kg per sqm ( resin plus Quartz sand ) by 5mm notched trowel. The quartz
sand should be of size 0.10-0.3mm





100% solid for extra thick pigmented and solvent free coating -for both smooth and
rough (multi-layer/antiskid)
Allows the application of 1mm thick product in one layer-or the product can be used as a thin floor

Applications include

Industrial and Commercial flooring subjected to heavy traffic


between 200-100gms per sqm depending on the system



EP Coat F (Food Grade)

This is a pigmented epoxy which is approved for contact with Food. Certified after Regulation (EU)
No.10/2011 for Resins coming into contact with food.

Designed for general purpose applications in the food industry from multi-layer systems to top-
coats. In addition- used for floors, food tanks, and food industry floors.

Type 1 for simulants A, C and D2

Type 2 for vertical applications wherever a

simulant Type E (Tenax) is required. Check the Technical Data Sheets.

Consumption – between 200-1000gms per sqm depending on the system.



This is a 2 x component water-based epoxy, Pigmented Paint for
protection of concrete surfaces. The paint is impermeable to water but permeable to water vapour
which helps to avoid blistering.


pigmented coating for sealing concrete floors and walls in all types of indoor areas-
such as -Industrial warehouses and factories, Car Parks and Public Buildings. The product requires
good ventilation to assist curing to help water evaporation.

Consumption – several layers of at least 150gms per sq m




This is a colouless 2 x component solvent Free - epoxy
coating for protecting concrete surfaces. It can be used universally in a Multi-Layer system both- as
a Primer and Top- Coat.


multilayer coating with Quartz- to protect concrete floors subject to High Mechanical
Wear in all indoor areas. Other aggregates such a Corundum or Flakes or Oxide Pigments can be
added. Typical applications include- Industrial Warehouses, and Car Parks and Showrooms and
Retail Shops

Consumption -approx. 400gms per sqm in 2 x layers



This is a colourless, 2 x component water based epoxy coating for
concrete surfaces and flooring protection. It is impermeable to water but permeable to water
vapour which helps remove moisture from an existing slightly moist surfaces or where some residual
moisture remains. Always use EP Aquacoat Paint as a final finish.

Industrial Warehouses, Poorly ventilated areas such a basements, Car Parks and
Workshops. Because it is water based it does require good ventilation to assist the water

Consumption -first layer 400gms applied by roller or squeegee, then second layer 3kg per sqm
applied by notched trowel or spiked roller. Natural sand is sprinkled on the fresh surface. Top Layer
of 600gms per sqm applied by rake or rubber trowel.

The Krypton Chemicals UK range of trowel applied epoxy resin flooring screeds has excellent
Chemical Resistance combined with great durability. Krypton Chemicals have been European
leaders in all epoxies for over 20 years.
The hard wearing, and anti- slip properties of Epoxies lend the product to be suitable for all
warehouse floors and fork-lift truck traffic areas, and of course with all engineering and processing
plant factories.
Whilst epoxy flooring is extremely functional it can also be very decorative with self- leveling and
high gloss grade available. Hygienic applications are a major area for Krypton Chemicals Epoxy
Range- and we are extremely good at specifying the correct coating for food preparation areas and
clean rooms.
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