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Chemical and Thermal Shock Resins

Raycrete SL ( self- leveling)

This is a solvent free, cementitious polyurethane system for
applications where resistance to Aggressive Chemicals, extreme Mechanical, and Thermal Shock is required.
There are three liquid components ( A + B +pigment) and one mineral filler. Raycrete SL is supplied non pigmented, available in different colours.

Consumption is 3.5kg per sq.m for a final thickness of 2mm. Standard Colours are Green, Red, Grey and Yellow.


Include Food Processing, Drinks Processing, Dairy, Aggressive Chemicals and Vehicle
maintenance Floors etc.
Raycrete SL is probably the Toughest Floor in Europe.


Raycrete M ( Mortar)

This is a solvent free screed Mortar which can be applied by trowel at a
thickness of between 12 and 60mm

Consumption is 21kg per sq.m for a final thickness of 12mm, and standard colours are Green, Red,
Yellow and Grey


include Heavy Duty Floors and Slope repair


Raycrete Paint

This is a solvent free, Polyurethane -Cement top coat for sealing anti-skid
Raycrete systems for floors where high resistance to aggressive chemicals, Mechanical impacts and
high temperatures are required

Consumption is between 0.4kg per sqm – 1kg per sqm depending on the required level of roughness
and the size of the quartz used in the base layer


Include flooring for the chemical industry , food industry , dairy products and meat
slaughterhouses etc.

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