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Polyurea is a lining / coating technology that has been used in the USA and Europe for over 30 years
in many different applications including Flat Roof Waterproofing , Chemical and Bund Linings, Floor
Coatings , Corrosion Resistance and Car Park decks and Bridge Waterproofing etc.
Polyurea Roof Coatings are ideal for the UK and Western Europe where we have so much rainfall and
it is difficult and time consuming to dry a roof deck and apply old fashioned Heat/ Torch Applied
Bitumen Roofing and Single Ply Roofing. Polyurea roofing Membrane give INSTANT CURE and have a
Life Expectancy of 25 Years -approved by the BBA.

Fire Rating with Fire and Surface Spread of Flame so important today-it is essential that only PURE
Polyurea with the Highest Fire Rating of “ B Roof T4 “ is specified

Advantages of Polyurea Spray Applied Roofing

  • Can be applied 365 days per year -even onto a wet roof.

  • Can be applied by Robotics

  • No Solvent

  • No VOC’s and little to no Odour

  • Waterproof and Seamless

  • Instant Cure (cures in Seconds )

  • 800sqm can be applied in 1 x day

  • Low Labour Cost

  • Cost Effective Long Term Solution- New Build and Renovation.

  • Suitable for any Flat Roof including Metal Decks and Asbestos Cement Encapsulation

  • Suitable for Overlay onto old-- Bitumen Roofing Felt/ Asphalt / Single Ply Membranes etc

  • BBA 25 Year Life Expectancy with BRoof T4 Highest Fire Rating

Guidance / Technical

Krypton Chemicals are founders of the PRA Polyurea Roofing Association ( ) this Trade Association was formed to improve the quality of workmanship with all Polyurea Roofing and provide professional Training for Polyurea Roofing Contractors. Advice all PRA (Polyurea Roofing Assoc. ) members have dedicated Technical Advisory staff and are
able to provide support and training including :

  • Drawings

  • Calculations

  • Site Visits

  • Specifications

For all Enquiries please contact us 

PRA ( ) for Building Owners / Architects/ Surveyors
High Quality workmanship is essential for any Building Owner combined with BBA Waterproofing
Membranes with the highest Fire Rating. Using the independent PRA ( Polyurea Roofing Association )
will ensure quality right from the start, giving the building owner a wealth of technical skill and
Why Should Building Owners use the PRA ( Polyurea Roofing Assoc.)
All Contractors trained in Professional Training School of PRA  Holland and / or New  PRA Training School in  UK

Rigorous Site Control

The following procedures of Site Control will apply to every Contract 

  • All Contractors must have compulsory Training with the Technical Manger of the PRA Holland

  • Site Management by the Technical Director of the PRA UK

  • Contractor has to spray 3 x sample areas onto Polythene sheets with time/ date stamp -to be tested by the PRA (Polyurea Roofing Association )

  • Contractor has to measure the Shore Harness of each area every hour and record the readings on his I-Pad

  • Ultra-sonic Thickness measurements to be takes at end of contract to prove correct thickness.

  • Ambient Temperature has to be between 5 degrees – 40 degrees

  • Wind Speed Maximum 15 miles per hour

  • Substrate Temperature has to be 3 degrees above Dew Point

  • Pressure of Spray machines has to be 140 Bar

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