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Warehouse and Storage

Krypton Chemicals UK have an innovative range of Resin flooring solutions for the Warehouse and Storage sector.

In addition to providing a very aesthetic flooring surface the system is almost
immediately resistant to Fork Lift Truck movements. This “ Fast-Track “ technology means that- the cure time is in minutes, unlike normal resin floors which can only cure overnight.


Krypton Chemicals are world leaders in Polyaspartic and they sell such systems to more than 60 countries. In the Warehouse and Storage sector it is essential to keep renovation times as short as possible, to minimise downtime and inconvenience. Krypton Chemicals UK specialise in the Spray application of both Polyaspartic and Pure Polyurea, which can cure in a few minutes and be capable of withstanding the loading of Fork- Lift Trucks immediately. We will specify the correct system and only work with Approved Contractors.

Only Krypton Chemicals can offer – Ultra- Fast Curing, Quick return to Operation, Easy Application and Cost Efficiency.

  • Ultra-fast Curing

  • Quick Return to Operation

  • Easy Application for Professional users

  • Increased Cost Efficiency

  • Meets all VOC Requirements -solvent free

  • high level of Protection

  • Hard Wearing and Durable

  • Ant- Slip

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Easy to Clean

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