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Krypton Chemicals UK have installed a range of unique Resin Floors in the Pharmaceutical environment-including healthcare centres, laboratories and production Areas.


These areas require a seamless and hygienic flooring system. In particular the technology of Polyaspartic is unique in that it offers a sterile and safe surface.


Krypton Chemicals have long term solutions for speed of application, and Health and Safety and durability. By utilising the technology of Polyaspartic and
Polyurea , we are able to offer “Fast-Track “ solutions where a very hard wearing floor surface can cure in minutes and be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and chemical spillage.


Only Polyaspartic and Polyurea offer this quick return to service, with Solvent free systems which meet all VOC requirements.

Only Krypton Chemicals UK can offer- Ultra-Fast Curing, Quick return to Service, Easy Application and Cost Efficiency.

  • Ultra-Fast Curing

  • Quick Return to Operation

  • Easy Application for Professional users

  • Increased Cost Efficiency

  • Meets all VOC Requirements-solvent free

  • high levels of Protection

  • Hard Wearing and Durable

  • Anti-Slip

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Easy to Clean

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