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Canteens, Kitchens, Cellars, Production Areas and Breweries

Krypton Chemicals UK have a full range of seamless , impervious , Anti-Bacterial and European Food Grade Resin Flooring Solutions which are all able to replace traditional vinyl sheets and tile floors- giving a more hygienic and hard wearing surface to meet the rigorous demands of this Food and Drink Industry Sector.

Our Resin Floors can be made anti-slip reducing the potential health hazard for employees and customers.

Our Resin Floors are available in a range of colourful and decorative surfaces suitable for areas such
as Production Areas, Breweries, Commercial Kitchens and Canteens etc.



  •  Easy to clean- thermal shock resistant

  • Hygienic

  • Hard Wearing -all resistant to impact and abrasion and spillage of Food and Drink

  • Ultra- Fast Cure -we have grades of resin flooring that can cure in 5 minutes or 45 minutes and be

       Fork- Lift Truck Resistant almost immediately.

  • Fork- Lift Truck resistance in Minutes – not Days

  • Anti-Slip -to prevent slip accidents

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