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This is the traditional method of applying a decorative Balcony finish- on top of a Cured Waterproofing Membrane. The application of using Colodur UV - is listed in the BBA for Impermax QC

Life Expectancy - the system of using Quartz is very hard wearing and the System will have a Life Expectancy of 25 Years , with a Product Warranty of 20 Years.

Application Method -the System is a 2 x layer method using the Aliphatic Colodur PU Resin and Quartz/ Sand

Specification –

Clean – Jet Wash the existing Cured Waterproofing Membrane.

Primer – Solvent wipe the surface with a solvent, to re-activate the existing PU surface

Base Coat -apply 250gms per sqm of Colodur (Clear- aliphatic resin ) and then broadcast into this 3kg per sq.m of Quartz/ Sand.  Allow the quartz/ resin layer to cure – approximately 3 hours. When fully cured brush off the excess, loose, Quartz/ Sand.

Top Coat -apply 200gms per sq.m of Colodur (Clear -aliphatic resin ) and let it cure. This Top- Coat will act as a sealer coat to stop dirt and bird droppings adhering to the surface of the Balcony.

Quartz granules  - can be bought either as self- coloured or multi-coloured.

Aliphatic means the UV Resistance of the Colour and resin is very stable.

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