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Hand Applied BBA Impermax QC  

This is a very fast curing, semi-thixotropic, liquid polyurethane Coating apply by roller or brush. The Product has a full BBA Certification with the highest Fire Rating in Europe ( BRoof T4 )  For Asbestos Cement we have a truly Innovative Primer- Primer GC Airless which is applied to even a very wet Asbestos Cement roof. No other Manufacturer has such a Primer for wet / damp Asbestos Cement. Because of this Innovation we are able to Coat Asbestos Cement even in Winter.

Life Expectancy- 25 Years (BBA independent testing)- Product Warranty 20 Years

Application Method- the system involves Professionally cleaning the old Asbestos and removing all moss and other impurities- and allowing the roof to dry. All protruding screws and bolts must be treated with PU External Mastic.  The unique Primer GC is then applied with an airless spray machine and dried. The final coating is then a Hand Applied 2 x layer system of Liquid Impermax qc

Specification –

Clean- the old Asbestos Cement Roof in accordance with all Health and Safety Regulations.

Treatment of Screws/ Bolts- apply Exterior PU mastic ( 3040 ) to every bolt and screw on the asbestos roof and replace any loose bolts / screws. In addition, fill all cracks with the PU external mastic.

Primer – apply Primer GC with an airless spray gun, applying a minimum of 500 gms. per sqm to fully Seal all pinholes and irregularities. Allow to dry.

Waterproofing Coating- apply 2 x layers of Impermax by roller, over the primed roof surface. Each layer should be 1kg per sqm, giving a total of 2kg per sqm. However because the Liquid PU can run- then it may be advisable to apply 3 thin layers of each 700gms per sqm.

Colour-   the recommended Top Coat Colour is Dark Grey ( Ral 7011 )

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