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 Impermax LY

General Purpose Liquid PU Waterproofing

This is a slower curing PU Liquid Waterproofing, semi-thixotropic and is applied by Brush or Roller. This products has the highest Fire Rating Certificate in Europe ( Broof T4 )  This product does not have a BBA , as it is sold as a more General Purpose PU Liquid Waterproofing..

Life Expectancy - not tested independently  - 15 Years Product Warranty

Application Method - the system is a 2 x layer system with a total weight of 2kg per sq.m. with glass fibre embedded in the first layer.


Clean-jet- wash the roof and dry

Primer - apply the correct Primer ( see Table Below ) and allow the Primer to dry.

Base Coat – Apply 1kg per sq.m o Impermax and embed the glass fibre reinforcement into this Base Layer. The cure time will be longer than Impermax -and will be around 4- 5 hours depending on the temperature and humidity.  You can walk on this Base Coat when dry and inspect for any small defects such as pin-holes, or glass “wicking “. Any small defects can be repaired easily at this stage in the process. So, like other 2 x layer systems the System is “idiot proof “, because if the Base Layer is correct then the finished 2 x layer system will be Perfect.

Top Coat- apply another 1kg per sq.m of the Impermax on top of the dry Base Layer. This top-coat will be very easy to apply, giving a total weight of 2kg per sq.m ( 1.8mm ) of PU Liquid Waterproofing with the Highest Fire Rating in Europe.

Colours - this Liquid Waterproofing is only supplied in 1 x colour -medium/ light Grey RAL 7040. Because it has more pigments inside the colour change with UV light is not noticeable “

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