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Impermax QC 

This is a very fast curing, semi-thixotropic,
liquid polyurethane membrane apply by the roller or brush. The System has full BBA Certification
with the highest Fire Rating in Europe ( BROOF-t4 )

Life Expectancy 25 Years ( BBA independent testing )- Product Warranty 20 years

Application Method - the system is a 2 x layer system with a total weight of 2kg per sqm

Specification -

Clean- (jet-wash) and dry the roof.

Primer - apply the correct primer ( see -Table below ) and allow the Primer to dry

Base Coat - Apply 1kg per sqm of Impermax qc.The Cure time is fast -approx 3.5hours-and you can walk on top of this Base Layer.
Correct any defect at this stage in the operation. So, in many ways the System is “idiot proof “. If the Base Layer is correct- then the Top Coat and finish will be Perfect. The normal colour of the Base Coat is Light Grey (RAL 7001 )

Top Coat -Apply another 1kg per sqm of Impermax qc, on top of the dry Base Layer. This top-coat will be
very easy to apply, to give a total weight of 2kg per sqm ( 1.8mm ) of BBA Liquid PU Waterproofing. 

The recommended Top- Coat colour is Dark Grey (RAL 7011)

Download Product & Cover Rates

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