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IMPERMAX A (  Aliphatic UV ) BBA certified

This is also very fast curing and is a liquid Polyurethane membrane applied with a roller or brush. The System has Full CE Mark, and full ETA (European Technical Approval) and has again the Highest Fire Rating in Europe ( Broof T4 ).

Life Expectancy - 25 Years, - (Independently tested by ETA) Product Warranty 20 Years

Application Method -the System is a 2 x layer system with a total weight of 2kg per sq.m with glass fibre reinforcement embedded in the first layer.


Clean – (jet wash) and dry the roof.

Primer-apply the correct primer (see -Table below) and allow the Primer to dry.

Base Coat-Apply 1.4kg per sq.m of Impermax A QC (quick cure) and embed the glass fibre reinforcement into this Base Layer. The Cure time is fast-approx 3.5 hours-and you can walk on top of this Base Layer and inspect for any defects such as glass “wicking” or small pin-holes. Correct any defects at this stage in the operation. So, in many ways the System is “idiot proof “. If the Base Layer is correct-then the Top Coat and finish will be perfect. The normal colour of the Base Coat is Light Grey (RAL 7001).

Top Coat -Apply 0.6kg (600gms) per sqm of Impermax A (aliphatic on top of the Base Layer. This top coat will cure by Moisture Trigger Technology and the cure is very fast (less than 2 x hours), to give a total weight of 2kg per sq.m( 1.8mm ).  Colour of Top Coat- because the top coat is Aliphatic (UV resistant colours) then it is normal to use White, Grey (RAL 7040), or Grey (RAL 7001).

Solar Reflectance Certificate – the product of white colour has a Solar Reflectance SRI greater than 100.

Moisture Trigger Technology  -here the aliphatic liquid reacts quickly with moisture in the air to build a film, avoiding the formation of CO2 ( carbon dioxide ) bubbles, and therefore no blisters can occur in the top coat.

COOL ROOF- Impermax A works extremely well as a Cool Roof layer, capable of reflecting most of the sun radiation.

The recommended Top colour is Dark Grey (RAL 7011)

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