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Impermax Cold Polyurea Hand Applied Polyurea ( Impermax cold Polyurea ) –“wet on wet “ Turbo -Ultra Fast System -this is the fastest curing waterproofing system in the UK -because the 2 x component Liquid system relies on a Chemical Cure. The System has the Highest Fire Rating in Europe ( BRoof T4 )

Life Expectancy   25 Years -- Product Warranty 20 Year

Application Method  - the System is a 1 x layer Waterproofing “wet on wet “ system with a total weight of 2kg per sq.m with glass fibre reinforcement embedded in the 2kg membrane.

Specification –

Clean – (jet wash), the roof and dry.

Primer  - apply the correct primer ( see Table below ) and allow the Primer to dry.

Wet on Wet application – apply 1kg per sq.m of the Liquid Waterproofing and while wet roll in the glass Fibre reinforcement. Then immediately apply a second 1kg per sq.m of Liquid Waterproofing on top of the first layer. Because this is a Chemical cure it is possible to apply the 2kg membrane in 1 x layer without risk of bubbles -which are given off in a conventional 2 x layer system. The only source of “bubbles” would come from stirring the drums too fast and causing air entrapment. So always stir with a low speed stirrer and allow any air bubbles to rise to the surface in the drum.

Cure Time -  because Turbo Roof - is a 1x layer “wet on wet “ chemical cure, the Cure time is less than 3 hours in UK normal temperatures.  In addition, the contractor does not have to wait about 3 x hours to let the first layer dry-as is normal in a conventional 2 x layer systems.

UV Top Coat  - Ultra Fast Cure ( Turbo )  because the “wet on wet “ system is a chemical cure the colour of the Hand Applied Polyurea will change ( goes yellow ) -we always recommend a UV Pigmented Top Coat be applied.  We have 2 x choices of Top- Coats both with different cure Times.

A Colodur - Pigmented  the normal colour is Light Grey ( RAL 7001 )  Apply  200-250gms per sq.m by roller or brush over the Cured Waterproofing Membrane. This UV Top- Coat will cure in approx. 2 x hours to form a UV stable pigmented, hard wearing Top- coat.

B Impertop Fast 2K SF ( solvent free, Polyaspartic )  with this ultra- Fast Cure Polyaspartic we apply 250-300 gms per sq.m of the pigmented UV Resin . The normal cure time is only 45 minutes -Turbo Ultra-Fast, to give a UV stable,pigmented, hard wearing Top- Coat.

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