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BBA Polyurea Hot Spray – (Rayston Pure Polyurea )

we are able to offer clients and contractors an advanced hot spray Polyurea Waterproofing which also has the full BBA Certification- with the highest Fire Rating in Europe.

Life Expectancy – 25 Years (BBA independent testing) - Product Warranty 20 Years.

Application Method - the system involves a choice of 3 different Primers depending on the condition of the roof and then a final Coating of Polyurea Hot Spray waterproofing


Clean – the old asbestos roof in accordance with all Health and Safety Regulations.

Primer – here we have a choice of Primers depending on the condition of the Roof

A   Primer GC - this is a Green Concrete primer which can also be used for wet/ damp asbestos cement. This is applied by Airless spray at a cover rate of 500gms per sq,m. This is a real Innovation in Europe -being able to apply even on wet/ damp surfaces.

B   Polyurea Rayston X5 -this is expandable/ foaming polyurea which expands to 3-5 times its original volume. So 1mm coating can expand to between 3-5mm thickness to fill in all cracks and irregularities on the surface of the asbestos cement. This is then the Primer for this system.

C   Rayston Primer 150  this is a high density structural spray foam which is ideal for very weak, brittle asbestos cement roofing, with an irregular surface. To achieve 1cm thickness you apply between 1.2-1.5kg per sqm.


Waterproofing  BBA Rayston Polyurea.  We have Approved Contractors who can spray 2kg per sqm onto the Primer and give a covering of 2kg per sqm of Polyurea -with INSTANT CURE-ideal for the UK weather.

Colour- the normal colour would be Dark Grey ( Ral 7011 ) which is an aromatic colour and can slightly discolour with UV light.

UV Stable Colour -if this is required we coat the polyurea with 200gms of pigmented Colodur (usually light grey Ral 7011 )

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