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Since its inception, Krypton Chemical has worked in partnership with leading companies in the construction industry to formulate, develop and manufacture an essential range of floor coatings, roofing and waterproofing membranes. Successfully trialled and used in numerous applications throughout Europe, the biggest endorsement to date was the 80,000 m2 refurbishment of Barcelona airport roof. The manufacturing process they have developed is so unique because it is totally vertically integrated, taking the whole process from pre-polymer synthesis to the packaged product ready for immediate application.

Krypton Chemicals focuses not only on finding the right product for the customer's particular requirement but also solutions for other applications enabling them to expand into new areas of business themselves.

Krypton Chemicals offer advanced, liquid applied waterproofing systems, offering many advantages over traditional hot applied and other liquid waterproofing materials. Our membrane systems are amongst the fastest growing products in the UK and Europe today.

Krypton Chemicals focuses on solving client problems rather than selling products. With systems designed to overlay virtually any existing substrate, our products are cold liquid applied and can easily accommodate complex details leaving a seamless waterproof membrane.

Our dedication to research and development has resulted in products utilising the latest technology in Polyurethanes, Polyureas and Epoxies. Krypton Chemicals offer the next generation in liquid solutions complete with BBA and ETA certificates.

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